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Our 10 Steps to Building a Pool

IMG_5398 copy.jpeg
Step One:

Mark location for pool placement

IMG_5423 copy.jpeg
Step Two:

Dig the hole and prepare for pool

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 2.13.53 PM.png
Step Three:

Set pool in place with crane

IMG_5666 copy.jpeg
Step Four:

Backfill around pool with gravel

IMG_5667 copy.jpeg
Step Five:

Add plumbing and electrical

IMG_5736 copy.jpeg
Step Six:

Finish backfilling around pool with gravel

IMG_5965 copy.jpeg
Step Seven:

Pour concrete collar around pool

IMG_6018 2.jpeg
Step Eight:

Lay brick or stone on concrete collar

IMG_6213 copy.jpeg
Step Nine:

Pour and prepare concrete deck

IMG_7018 copy.jpeg
Step Ten:

Unwind, cool off, and have a blast!

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