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  • Mark Allen

Dive into Delight: Choosing the Perfect Fiberglass Pool Size and Shape for Your Backyard Oasis

Our Figi model is a great free-form shaped pool that our customers love.

Adding a fiberglass swimming pool to your backyard promises endless summer fun, family memories, and a luxurious escape. But before you take the plunge, two crucial decisions await: size and shape. Choosing the right combination can transform your backyard into a dream oasis, while the wrong one might leave you feeling cramped, disappointed, or even unsafe. To navigate these choices smoothly, let's dive into the key factors to consider:

1. Know Your Needs:

Start by asking yourself, "What will I be using the pool for?" Do you envision splashing with kids, hosting epic pool parties, or gracefully doing laps?

  • Family Fun: If your focus is on family time, a larger pool (think 16' x 35' or more) with shallow areas for kids and deeper sections for adults is ideal. Rectangular pools offer ample space for splashing and games.

  • Lap Swimming: Dedicated swimmers crave a long, narrow pool (at least 30' long). Rectangular pools with designated swim lanes are your best bet.

  • Relaxation and Entertaining: If unwinding and hosting gatherings are your priorities, prioritize aesthetics and lounging areas. Consider kidney-shaped or lagoon-shaped pools, which offer unique curves and built-in seating.

2. Measure Your Space:

Don't get carried away with pool dreams that your backyard can't handle. Measure your usable space meticulously, accounting for decks, patios, fencing, and required setbacks from property lines and your house. Remember, you need ample room around the pool for circulation, sunbathing, and furniture.

3. Consider Aesthetics and Style:

Your pool should complement your home and landscape. For modern homes, rectangles create a cohesive look. For classic styles, consider kidney-shaped or lagoon-inspired designs. Free-form pools offer a natural aesthetic, blending seamlessly with organic landscaping.

4. Prioritize Safety:

Safety is paramount, especially with young children. Avoid pools with sharp corners or hidden depths, and ensure there's adequate space for supervision. Consider installing safety features like alarms and fencing.

5. Budgetary Bliss:

Pool prices vary significantly based on size, shape, materials, and features. Be realistic about your budget and prioritize

necessities over fancy features you might rarely use. Remember, ongoing maintenance costs also factor in.

Shape Up Your Choices:

Now, let's explore popular pool shapes and their pros and cons:

  • Rectangular: Ideal for laps, swimming games, and maximizing space in smaller yards. Can feel boxy, though.

  • Kidney-shaped: Creates a natural, flowing aesthetic and accommodates various activities. Can be more expensive.

  • Free-form: Provides a unique, customized look and blends with organic landscapes. Safety concerns with hidden corners.


Choosing the perfect pool size and shape is a personal decision. Please contact us to discuss your needs, budget, and space limitations. We can guide you towards designs that optimize functionality, aesthetics, and safety, ensuring your backyard oasis becomes a reality you can truly enjoy.

Bonus Tip: Visualize! Sketch out a design yourself or we can use our pool design software to help you see how different sizes and shapes fit your backyard. This can help you make a confident decision before taking the plunge. 

With careful planning and consideration, you can choose the perfect fiberglass pool size and shape to transform your backyard into a summer haven, where memories are made and laughter echoes long after the sun sets. So, dive in and start creating your own backyard oasis!


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